Penthouse Comics #2 Cover C Sauvage (Mature)

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Cover art by Marguerite Sauvage, known for her award nominated illustration work. She's been nominated for both an Eisner and Joe Shuster Award alongside further awards like the GLAAD Media Award and the Russ Manning Award. Her works appear in titles like ELLE, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and comic books like Faith and Bombshells. Releasing 30 years after the original line debuted, Penthouse is proud to present the ongoing return of Penthouse Comics! Featuring a wealth of talent from all across the industry telling stories in the action, thriller, and horror genres, issue #2 continues with the four ongoing tales while introducing a fifth tale, The Dead All Have the Same Skin. Gun Crazy continues with the wild ride of Dolly Sanchez and Lanoya O'Brien, two girls fighting for survival in this violent story in the crossroads of Tarantino, VHS stuff, and the 80's. Guillem March continues with his incredible artwork on The Dream, a tale about Megan, a Hollywood casting director who attempts to bring out the potential actor hidden deep inside a stripper in the San Francisco suburbs. I Spit On Your Grave, is an adaptation of Vernon Sullivan's famous novel about Lee Anderson, whose only goal is to avenge the death of his brother. Along the way he'll fall into a life of debauchery and sex. Miss October continues following a young and high-flying female who desperately must find the killer whose murdering women, one-by-one and dubbing them by each month of the year, before she's next! Part one ends here! As always, Penthouse Comics features a bonus photoshoot and editorial!

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