Blasfamous #2 (Of 3) Cover F Jay Stephens Variant (Mature)

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THE SHOW MUST GO ON! MIRKA ANDOLFO, known for her work on SWEET PAPRIKA, MERCY, UNNATURAL, HARLEY QUINN and PUNCHLINE, continues her scorching descent into the world of showbiz. After a disastrous concert in which a new rival steals her spotlight, Clelia finds herself plummeting into the depths of despair. Her career appears to be hanging by a thread, and-when her nemesis is unveiled-we learn of the steamy history between Clelia and this enigmatic foe. Amid feelings of guilt, anger, and a shattered sense of self-worth, can the world's most beautiful and adored pop star hold onto her agent, Lev, or will she lose him to the competition? Don't miss the second installment of this thrilling new series by international sensation Mirka Andolfo, which raises the question: how many fans is your soul worth?

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