Iron Fist Danny Rand The Early Years Omnibus Hardcover

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Celebrating 50 years of Iron Fist, Marvel is proud to present the early adventures of martial arts legend Danny Rand! This collection not only includes his complete color comic series, but also Iron Fist's exploits in the black-and-white magazine DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU! After an expedition to find K'un-Lun left Rand's parents dead, he found the path to the mystical city and spent a decade there training. Gaining the shattering power of the Iron Fist, Danny set out into the Western world to avenge his parents' deaths! He is joined by detectives Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, who also star in their own three-part solo exploit by Chris Claremont and Marshall Rogers! Collecting MARVEL PREMIERE #15-25, IRON FIST (1975) #1-15 and MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #63-64 - plus material from DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU (1974) #10, #18-24, #29 and #31-33; DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU SPECIAL #1; and BIZARRE ADVENTURES #25. Mature

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