Garbage Pail Kids Through Time #4 Cover B Zapata

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The insane minds of Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Jeff Zapata continue their ransacking of your childhood in Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin' Through Time #4! In this issue: The Kommandos chase Nasty Nick across history - through prehistoric times, ancient Greece, the days of Prohibition, the Old West, and more - and they meet many a classic GPK character along the way! The ride comes to an end in the future, though, where we catch a glimpse of... oh crap, are those zombies!?! Featuring four incredible cardstock covers boasting art by Jeff Zapata, Tom Bunk, David Acevedo, and a classic GPK Trading Card image, every copy of Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin' Through Time #4 is polybagged with a special GPK Trading Card created exclusively for Dynamite and officially approved by Topps!

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