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Magic. Mayhem. Madness.

Phantasmias is a collection of fantasy and horror stories blurring the line between genres—dark fantasy, light horror, and a little bloody whimsy. Each story is a small world of its own laced with fanciful frights and maddening magic.

When Tom's demonic roommates save him from an assassin, he must uncover why he's suddenly on an otherworldly mob boss's hit list.

A sorcerer's familiar is kidnapped and forced to cross the dreaded forest of giants to find a dragon's lost treasure, but the kidnappers may be the ones barking up the wrong tree.

An old Victorian house finds it has more live-ins than it initially bargained for, and it's quite frankly fed up with the blood being sprayed all over its walls.

Helena is just your typical exterminator-for-hire—faeries, gnomes, demons, you name it—but following a routine pest-control call, she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Will they and others like them fulfill their wildest fantasies or succumb to their darkest nightmares?

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