Vampirella #668 Cover M Foc Parrillo Ultraviolet

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After repeatedly dying then waking up to relive the same day, Vampirella finally cracks the mystery of her temporal prison by assembling clues from the tormenting visions she had thought were just recurring nightmares. Armed with this new awareness, the Daughter of Drakulon discovers the key to restoring her "real" reality: make sure she's not murdered again! Acclaimed author CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and fan-favorite artist ERG N G ND Z shift the celebration of Vampirella's six decades in comics into high gear with Vampirella #668 - continuing the series' legacy numbering that reflects all of Vampi's previous appearances in print, and featuring timeless new covers from LUCIO PARRILLO, ELIAS CHATZOUDIS, and CARLA COHEN! ALL COVERS CARDSTOCK

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