Avengers West Coast TPB Darker Than Scarlet

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Written by JOHN BYRNE, ROY THOMAS & DANN THOMAS Penciled by JOHN BYRNE & PAUL RYAN Cover by JOHN BYRNE The Witch is back! The shocking truth about her children revealed, the Scarlet Witch suffers a nervous breakdown and descends into madness. Manipulated by her father, the mutant terrorist Magneto, Wanda faces her teammates - and her brother, Quicksilver. Can they rescue her from the clutches of Immortus - and save her very sanity? Plus: the return of Iron Man, and the reunion of wartime allies Captain America and the Human Torch. Also featuring the villainy of the Mole Man, Loki, the U-Foes, Master Pandemonium and Hydro-Man! Collecting AVENGERS WEST COAST #51-57 and #60-62.

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