American Psycho #4 (Of 5) Cover B Kraft (Mature)

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Art by Devin Kraft, cover artist for Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) and Whatnot Publishing's Astrobots, plus the creator of Neverender (Sumerian Comics). See Patrick Bateman's infamous New York City killing spree from a brand new perspective as a familiar character from the film is revealed to be much more than they appeared. Witness the greatest hits of Patrick's murderous rampage while exploring new revelations in the world of American Psycho, in this story that'll make fans see Patrick's bloody story through a whole new lens. This limited series also begins the journey of an all-new psychopath as social media obsessed millennial, Charlie (Charlene) Carruthers, goes on a downward spiral filled with violence. Drug fueled partying leads to bloodshed as Charlie leaves a trail of bodies on her way to discovering the truth about her dark nature. Written by Massive Publishing's co-founder Michael Calero (Quested) and with art by Piotr Kowalski (Call of Duty, Where Monsters Lie).

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