So you have a mint copy of a first edition with a first appearance signed by the dude who made the dude that’s now worth a mortgage and you are interested in grading that bad boy to pay for your house! Well, then you clicked the right link!

Gotham Central is the place to be to grade your comics through the CGC® (Certified Guaranty Company®/ CBCS). You can prepare your comics to be graded by bringing it to our shop and/or our booths in conventions. The CGC® has been around since 2000 and is now the largest and most reputable impartial assessor that authenticate and grade your comics, magazines, concert posters, and related collectibles,


CGC® is a third-party grading service that encapsulates your book so that it has a universal understood grade.

A blue label book/grade is graded and encapsulated

Yellow label book is a book that has been witnessed by a CGC representative and submitted by a CGC verified store. A yellow label stands for signature series.

Gotham is an authorized retailer that can obtain signatures for you from all over the world. When submitting books for signature series, books must be prepared in a particular way.


Books that have been previously signed are NOT eligible for CGC signature series. They will receive a qualified grade with a green label from CGC. CBCS will verify signatures, CBCS verification service offered for books that have been previously autographed.

For further information about CGC® please contact us at