5 Points Mezcos Monsters Tower Of Fear Deluxe Boxed Set

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From Mezco Toys. Bats, brains, and bones - this hair-raising deluxe boxed set has it all and more! Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe Boxed Set contains 5 figures, a range of accessories, all in a multi-level environment diorama. Standing at a monstrous 18" once assembled, the retro play set diorama creates a decaying Carpathian castle with three floors. Each floor has interactive components for each Monster including a coffin that Dracula can fit inside, a sarcophagus that Mummy can fit inside, lab equipment that Frankenstein's Monster can connect to, multiple landings for each figure to stand on, and much more! The 5 Points Mezco's Monsters - Tower Of Fear Deluxe Boxed Set Includes: Dracula with included Bat-transformation accessory, Frankenstein's Monster with a removable skullcap that exposes his abnormal brain and a stone block with a shackled chain, The Mummy complete with artifacts from his burial chambers and a cursed scroll, The Sea Creature with a fossilized head and two different seaweed accessories that attach to his body, and The Werewolf with the bloody bones of his fallen victims. 5 Points Mezco's Monsters Tower of Fear Boxed Set is packaged in a collector-friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

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