Jill And The Killers #2 (Of 4) Cover B Skylar Patridge Variant

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Rising stars Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (Mary Shelley Monster Hunter) and Roberta Ingranata (Witchblade) sink their knives into a teenage thriller with a KILLER edge! After a cryptic box of evidence pertaining to an old cold case shows up on Jill Estrada's doorstep, she and her friends find themselves embroiled in a mystery surrounding two of Seligman, Arizona's very own missing persons. Severed feet, pieces of torn clothes, and incriminating receipts all lead Jill closer to the truth-or so she thinks. Can she and her friends track the killer before one of their own becomes the next victim? The mystery continues to unravel in the exciting second issue of this macabre horror-comedy!

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