Sainted Love #3 Cover C David Talaski Variant Nsfw Polybagged (Mature)

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THE EPIC TIME-TRAVEL ROMANCE FINISHES ITS FIRST ARC! Malcom Irina and John Wolf, an inventor and a bare knuckle boxer from 1907 New York, are stranded on a Roman battlefield centuries away from everything they know and love (except each other). But that's okay, it's part of the job. They're two heroes fighting their way through time against the Pilgrims, a secret society that erases queer culture throughout history. Irina has the brains to track the Pilgrims in any era, and Wolf has the fists to serve them up a shot of justice. So, when they land at the feet of lovers (and future saints) Sergius and Bacchus, Irina and Wolf must survive battle, convince Sergius and Bacchus to trust them, and work together to root out Rome's secret sect of Pilgrims.

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