Batman: Faux-simile Edition #428

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A previously unpublished ending in which Jason Todd survives his brutal encounter with The Joker.

Thirty-Five years ago, “A Death in the Family” was one of the darkest hours in Batman’s crime-fighting career, made even more harrowing by letting fans decide Jason’s fate. Fans dialed into a 900 number to vote if Jason Todd should live or die. From a total of 10,614 votes, fans decided that Jason should succumb to his injuries by a narrow 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271.

This “faux-simile” edition features original story and art from the from “A Death in the Family” storytelling team – writer Jim Starlin, artist Jim Aparo, colorist Adrienne Roy, inker Mike DeCarlo, and letterer John Costanza.

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