Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk Hardcover Volume 17 Direct Market Variant Edition 346

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Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema take the Hulk around the world! First, Israel's best defense against the Hulk is the super hero called Sabra! Next up is Egypt, where the Hulk faces the swashbuckling might of the Arabian Knight! Then it's off to Mother Russia for a battle against Darkstar and the Soviet Super-Soldiers! In Japan, Glenn Talbot faces a dramatic reckoning - after which the Hulk gets his passport stamped on Easter Island by the Absorbing Man! And in a pair of Hulk-sized Annuals, Rick Leonardi joins Mantlo to fuse Bruce Banner with the cosmic power of Captain Universe, and the Hulk battles the Avengers! Plus: Frank Miller's first Marvel story! And CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS - the Mantlo limited series that changed everything! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #256-265 and ANNUAL #10-11, and MARVEL SUPER HERO CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS #1-3. Rated T

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