Ps Artbooks Classics Horror Comics Softee Volume 04

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We've unearthed some more little horrors! Beginning with Fantastic Fears #2 and "Fiends From The Crypt"-chasing a thief named Banco into the Rome sewers, Signor Renzi and his partner, Pietro find Banco with all his body eaten. Quickly followed by Haunted Thrills #10 and "Death At The Mardi Gras"-Marcus Kemp creates a robot duplicate so realistic he gets blamed for the murders it committed. And finally, even more horror and suspense from Beware #15, all brought to you by those masters of 1950's comics Robert Webb, Iger Shop, Myron Fass, Alvin Hollingsworth, Marty Elkin, and Tony Tallarico. Collects Fantastic Fears #2-3 (July-September 1953) and Haunted Thrills #10-11 (July-September 1953).

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