Akogun Brutalizer Of Gods #2 (Of 3) Cover A Dotun Akande Wraparound

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THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE UNRELENTING PROTO-AFRICAN FANTASY EPIC ROARS ONWARD! Acclaimed creators Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande, the writer-artist team behind I Am Iron Man and Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood, continue their utterly distinctive, dark fantasy epic as AKOGUN seeks to avenge the savage butchering of his betrothed, parents, and entire village. In the heavens, a battle rages between OGUN (the god of metal) and SANGO (the god of lightning) for the title of WAR GOD. Armies will be cut down. Godblood will be spilled. For this is the promise of AKOGUN: BRUTALIZER OF GODS!

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