Manga Z #20

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HEROES TURNED AGAINST EACH OTHER BY EVIL! THE VR WORLD'S DANGEROUS ALLURE! SUPER-SPEEDY SENTAI! 'The Adventures of Lenifille' (Kazuaki Ishida), 'VRXXOO' (Luis Torres, MitsuBlinger), 'Hyperspeed' (Palmer & Archer, Johnny Joseph Flores) 'The Adventures of Lenifille' (Kazuaki Ishida): Determined to claim Sylka's body for his new physical form, an ancient lich has now turned Kyle against Lenifille and Polline! 'VRXXOO' (Paul Farris, Sean Wilson, Jo Wong): Accused of cheating, college student Itsuki finds solace in the virtual world of 'The Illusion.' As he becomes captivated by an attractive player named Eshima, his childhood friend Akari and her determined friends must rescue him from this addictive simulation. 'Hyperspeed' (Palmer & Archer, Johnny Joseph Flores): It's the Shonen Showdown you've been waiting for! HyperSpeed vs Yokai General Lord Baku and his army of henchmen! LET THERE BE MAYHEM!!

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