Minecraft Omnibus Volume 2: Wither Without You

Sale price$25.99


A Minecraft adventure following two brave monster hunters and their cursed friend as they battle dangerous withers and other creatures across the wilds of the Overworld!The lives of Cahira and Orion, twin monster hunters under the tutelage of Senan the Thorough, are changed forever when, after an intense battle with an enchanted wither, the two meet an unexpected, and highly unusual ally; Atria, a girl cursed as a monster lure. To break her curse, the friends will traverse the length of the Overworld, facing dungeons, sorcerers, and even a zombie apocalypse! But what connection does Atria have to the mysterious wither? And are the heroes a match for the powerful monster?Collects Minecraft: Wither Without You Volumes 1-3 into one beautiful omnibus!

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