Transformers Super Cyborg Optimus Prime Shattered Glass Figure

Sale price$119.99


From Super7. This is not the Cybertron you remember! In the Shattered Glass Transformers universe, Optimus Prime is a deranged, evil warrior bent on conquest. This 11" tall Transformers Super Cyborg Optimus Prime pays homage to the Shattered Glass universe, featuring purple paint deco and shattered windshield effect, as well as a removable chestplate and Ion Blaster accessory. With the chestplate removed, you can see Optimus Prime's inner workings and maybe figure out what makes this version stray from the heroic path of his other incarnations. Such investigations are going to require extensive hands-on time, so you'd better add the Transformers Super Cyborg Shattered Glass Optimus Prime to your collection if you're ever going to hope to get to the bottom of this mystery!

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