Miles Morales: Spider-Man By Cody Ziglar Volume. 2 - Bad Blood

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Miles Morales’ life as Spider-Man is thrown into chaos as villains come at him from all sides – and he discovers more super powers of his own!Miles has a target on his back. The most dangerous super-villains in NYC keep coming at him — hard. First Rabble, then Cletus Kasady, and now the Hobgoblin has got his glider aimed squarely at Miles — and he’s more dangerous than ever before! How could this get any worse for Spidey? Well, unfortunately Hobby isn’t the only thing Miles needs to worry about. Our young hero is about to be pushed to his limits — and beyond — awakening new powers that could save the day…or utterly consume and destroy the wall-crawler for good!COLLECTING: Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) 8-12

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