Quested Season 2 #2 Cover B Hutt

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French artist Simon Hutt with publishing credits on Rick and Morty and Invader Zim comics (Oni Press) returns to Quested with issue 2's main cover. The misadventures continue in a brand new season of Quested by writers Michael Calero (Alpha Betas, Sumerian's American Psycho) and Thomas Parson, with art by Kit Wallis (Good Boy, Mr.Easta). "Episode 1: For Whom the Jell Tolls." Nightmares come in all shapes and sizes, but in the Underbaun they are Jellii filled. Jinx and Gil continue their quest through the afterworld, stumbling upon the dreaded Jellii Kingdom. Jinx is quickly recognized as public enemy number one and only his quick thinking and golden tongue will save him from a fate worse than the jelliis he carelessly slayed in quests past.

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